Maui Babymoon – Maui Vacation Spots for a Perfect Babymoon!


Maui Babymoon

All the best places to Vacation on your Maui Babymoon.


Q: Maui Babymoon? What is a Maui Babymoon?

A: Maui Babymoon is a vacation a couple enjoys prior to a baby being born.

i.e. A plan to become pregnant, the period shortly before pregnancy or, a vacation while pregnant.

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Taking a Maui Babymoon vacation before having your child for the rest of your life is a good decision. We all know Life is hard. Life will always get in the way of life. Although, taking a vacation to Maui might not seem practical, or even remotely plausible. Having a babymoon is a luxury you must afford. Maui is a magical softener, a rare and priceless ingredient to tenderizing the journey and adventure we all know as life. The Maui Babymoon is a place to lei your single life down and ease-in and begin your ohana (family).

Children bring comfort along life’s wondrous journey of raising ourselves.

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Following the light of the sun, the old world is left behind.

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Being a couple is fun. Having a child is a big decision. Enjoying a Babymoon is a MUST!


It is not only a big decision, but it is a life transforming phenomena in every way, shape, and form. There are considerate pros and perhaps a handful of cons couples consider before moving forward. Deciding to have a child together is the ultimate commitment step in relationships.

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Those of us who have children will tell you- TAKE A VACATION BEFORE HAVING A BABY! AKA Take a Maui Babymoon!

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What is life for? It is for you.

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Maui Babymoon allows for the sound of tropical breezes dancing in the moonlight, fiery flickering torches, chirping geckos, and the gentle hum of waves combing the shore will forever illuminate in your memory like a million stars on a cloudless Maui baby moon night.


The life you lead is the only life you will live. Love & Enjoy it.

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If you are planning your Maui babymoon, then you and your significant other are smarter than the masses.

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You are taking the first steps to securing a beautiful closing chapter to the novel of the life you lived as single people.

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The love of Maui, and the yearning to return will abide forever.

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Top 5 Maui Babymoon Beach Retreats Vacation Resort Locations


A Maui babymoon is a healing balm to 3:24 AM bottle runs, diaper changes, eardrum shattering cries, 20 times in one hour swaddling your bundle of precious perfection will be a little easier. You will now have a vision of a past that twas not so long ago. Your Maui babymoon set amidst the backdrop of the vast pacific ocean and centered on the magical island called Maui. While rocking and lulling your child to sleep, your heart will mimic the pulse of the surf. Your breath will mimic the vibrations of the land and sunsets for a lifetime.

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#5 Valley Isle Resort

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Affordable Fully-Equipped Beachfront Retreats

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#4 Papakea Resort

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Oceanfront Affordable Opulence

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#3 Kihei Kai Nani 

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The best location & most affordable resort in South Maui.


#2 Honua Kai Resort & Spa

Runner up and one of the most popular resorts on Maui

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#1 The Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas

Our number #1 return guest favorite and most popular Maui resort for ALL vacation occasions!

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Maui Snorkeling Spots | Discover the Best Maui Snorkeling Locations


Maui Snorkeling Spots

 The Best Snorkeling spots in Hawaii

Maui snorkeling spots are home to some of the best and most popular active and abundant marine life in all the Hawaiian islands. Beautiful, healthy coral reefs, brightly colored fish, and near perfect year round weather conditions, make Maui an excellent formula for a flawless snorkeling experience in Hawaii

Maui Snorkeling is one of the most exciting recreational activities on island, and the good news is- nearly anyone can do it! All you need is the proper equipment, and a little know-how and soon you’ll be observing underwater life with little effort, and without all the complicated scuba diving equipment.

If you are planning your Maui vacation, mark the best Maui snorkeling spots at the top of your activities list! We want all of our guests to be able to take advantage of the one-of-a-kind Maui snorkeling experiences that the island has to offer. Read ahead for helpful Maui snorkeling advice, an introduction to Maui snorkeling gear & equipment, the best and most popular snorkeling locations on Maui, and everything you else you would want to know before you jump in.

What is Maui Snorkeling?

Maui Snorkeling is a way to observe underwater marine life for extended periods of time, with easy to use equipment. Maui is known to have some of the best snorkeling in Hawaii.

An introduction to Maui Snorkeling Equipment & Snorkeling Gear Essentials

What you will need for your Maui snorkeling adventure:

A comfortable and properly fitted Snorkel Mask

Snorkel tube

A set of Fins

Waterproof Sunscreen

A willingness to discover a whole new world.

When it comes to Maui snorkeling in Hawaii’s waters, for your safety, always make sure you are using quality undamaged equipment for your Maui snorkeling adventures. There are plenty of places to rent snorkeling gear and equipment around Maui. Be sure and ask questions about the equipment with your snorkel instructors or snorkeling equipment vendors, and they will help answer any questions you may have about the gear, or Maui snorkeling in general.

Best Maui Snorkeling Spots Beaches & Locations:

Maui Snorkeling Spots at Molokini

The popular island of Molokini is a great location for a snorkeling day adventure. Molokini is located just a few miles off the Southern Coast of Maui, and has some of the most pristine snorkeling conditions you may come across during your snorkeling adventures around Maui. Crystal clear waters make for picture perfect clarity, abundant and color sea life, and tons of coral to snorkel around!

Maui Snorkeling at Maluaka Beach AKA “Turtle Town”

Maluaka Beach is located in the Southern area of Makena. Maluaka Beach is known for calm waters and pleasant snorkeling conditions. Maluaka Beach is known as “Turtle Town” and is a popular snorkeling hot spot to observe Hawaiian green sea turtles! This area is a fantastic location for sunbathing, beach activities and most of all… snorkeling!

Maui Snorkeling Spots at Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay is located on the West side of Maui, and is part of the Marine Life Conservation District. Honolua Bay is nestled within rocky cliffs, which provide clear, calm snorkeling conditions because of it’s natural defense to winds. Fishing is not permitted at Honolua Bay, and marine life is abundant here.

Maui Snorkeling at Kaanapali Beach Black Rock

Kaanapali Beach is on the best beaches in the world! Black Rock is located near the South end of Kaanapali Beach, and is a very popular spot for beach activities and snorkeling! Kaanapali Beach offers consistently pleasant swimming and snorkeling conditions all year round with its calm crystal blue waters, and soft sumptuous sandy beach. If you are staying or plan to travel to West Maui, Kaanapali Beach is a must-visit location.

Maui Snorkeling Spots at Kapalua Bay

Maui snorkeling at Kapalua Bay is a favorite spot in West Maui for swimming and snorkeling, because of its soft white sandy beach and and protected reefs. Kapalua Bay is a fantastic spot for beginner snorkelers and children who are interested in learning how to snorkel in Hawaii.

Maui Snorkeling at Ahihi Kinau Reserve

Ahihi Kinau Reserve is located in South Maui, and is part of the Marine Life Conservation District. Fishing of any kind is not permitted in this area, therefore, its sea life is abundant. Ahihi Reserve is made up mostly of lava rocks and coral, and is home to wide array of marine life! This is a great snorkeling spot for everyone! Bring the kids along and they are sure to have endless hours of fun, exploring the great underwater life at Ahihi Kinau Reserve.

Maui Snorkeling Recommended Snorkeling Times

Maui Snorkeling Marine life is more active in the morning, and early to mid-afternoon. Also, during the calm mornings wind is less of a problem, making the water clarity ideal for snorkeling conditions. Oftentimes, heavy tropical rains and winds will affect the visibility and clarity of the water. Due to the ever-changing ocean conditions, it is always recommended to check weather conditions prior to ensure the best weather possible for your snorkeling adventures. Get the inside scoop from other people snorkeling on the beach! Plenty of people are excited and willing to share the amazing sea life they have been observing!


Popular Places to Visit While on Maui

Popular Places to Visit While on Maui

Looking for fun ideas of things to do while you are vacationing on Maui? Check out our list of locally loved and Maui vacation approved island hot spots!

 Maui Farmers Market

Enjoy locally grown fruits, vegetables and fresh caught fish! Maui Farmers Market is a feast to YOUR senses. Stroll along the various stands to view Fresh Tropical Flowers, and colorful fruits, vegetables and delectable eats such as; Maui Sweet Onions, Molokai Purple Potatoes, Kula Greens, Fresh Coconut and Pineapple, Freshly baked bagels, Assorted Cheeses, Fresh Made Juices, Fresh Caught Fish, 100& Pure Kona Coffee, Fresh guacamole, and more! 

Fruit stand sign
Get Maui’s Farmers Market Schedule & Locations Here!

Lahaina Cannery Mall

Lahaina Cannery Mall is one of Maui’s prime shopping spots! Looking for a special gift? Whether you’re in search of jewelry, collectibles, clothing, accessories, you can find it here. Lahaina Cannery Mall also showcases specialty stores with unique items to take home with you! Take a break from shopping, and grab a bite to eat at the Cannery Mall’s International flavored Food Court, or just sit back and enjoy live Hula dancing, Hawaiian Artists, and various Cultural Events.

People shop handmade crafts at Aloha Festival hoolaulea
Lahaina Cannery Mall Information!

Whalers Village

Whalers Village is a popular must-see and do spot for locals and tourists alike. Whalers Village is located on Ka’anapali Beach and has over 90 Fine Shops and Eateries. Shop all day long and then enjoy a spectacular view of the sunset right from your dining table!

Whalers' Village Museum is located in a corner of the large shopping mall.
Visit all the amazing Whalers Village Stores, Restaurants, & Boutiques! Click for Info!

 Pa’ia Town

Pa’ia is Maui’s Historic Plantation Town. This whimsical little town reflects it’s history as a sugar cane plantation town with it’s original old style buildings still in place. This charming little beach town is home to plenty of restaurants, art galleries, and surf shops to choose from.

Enjoy the funky little beach hideaway & historical Sugar Cane Plantation area called Paia & all it’s unique splendors!

 Black Rock South Ka’anapali Beach

Black Rock is a large black lava rock that separates the two halves of Ka’anapali Beach. Black Rock is a fantastic and popular place for snorkeling, swimming, and plenty of room for sunbathing upon golden sugary sands. This is also where Hawaiian spirits went to meet their ancestors!

swhls-144762-Maui - Cliff diver and turtle at Black Rock Kaanapali
Cliff dive at Sunset & swim with the turtles! The famous Maui BLACK ROCK!

Road to Hana

“Fulfillment lies in the journey, not the destination.” The Road to Hana is unquestionably the most famous and desired sightseeing adventure in all of Hawaii. The “crown jewel” of driving, this is truly a trip through wonderland! Drive on 60 miles of breathtakingly scenic highway, alongside one of the most enchanting rainforests of the world. Explore and enjoy hidden waterfalls, exotic lush greenery, hiking through bamboo forests, and secluded spots to stop and enjoy an afternoon picnic in a mystical Maui nature setting.

The whimsical Road to Hana is yours to behold!

 Maalaea Maui Ocean Center

Looking for something fun and educational? Maui Ocean Center is great for children and families, and everyone in between! Maui Ocean Center is an aquarium and marine science center that exhibits natural coral reef habitats, sea turtles, sharks, humpback whales, and more! Maui Ocean Center is a great choice for those looking to have safe, hands-on fun, and also learn something along the way!

Discover the Maui Sea without getting wet! Gorgeous Maui Ocean Center in Maalaea Maui

Shops at Wailea

Shops at Wailea is home to more than 70 premier boutique shops, restaurants, and galleries. Enjoy the finer things in life at Shops at Wailea. Events and performers every Wednesday!

Handmade Fine Hawaiian Art & Jewelry! Luxurious Maui Shopping at it’s finest!

 Iao Valley

Iao Valley is a historic, naturally awe-inspiring landmark on Maui. Iao Valley is a 10-mile long scenic paradise, resting on 4,000 acres of beautiful, unspoiled Maui plains. Iao is a popular spot for it’s phenomenal rainforest and breathtaking views. Capture the idyllic beauty of Iao Valley, take a picture under a rainbow, and just breathe in the fresh Island air.

The heaven of tropical Hawaii all in one peaceful spiritual place! Iao Valley!

Have a question? Ask one of our Maui Specialists!




Featured Property Honua Kai Resort West Maui Kaanapali

Featured Property Today is Honua Kai Resort West Maui Kaanapali

Honua Kai Resort West Maui North Kaanapali Beach

Featured Property Today is Honua Kai Resort West Maui Kaanapali

The Featured property Honua Kai Resort West Maui Kaanapali is our featured property of the day. The Honua Kai Resort is located on North Kaanapali Beach, in the West Maui town called, Kaaanapali. The lovely Honua Kai Resort West Maui Kaanapali, Maui’s newest beach front luxury resort property.

In addition to being a gorgeous Maui Resort, the Honua Kai Resort West Maui Kaanapali is an esteemed Maui granted the AAA 4-Diamond Award, an award only granted to a minority of Maui properties. The Honua Kai Resort West Maui Kaanapali luxury resort caters to its guests by hosting an ample array of Maui resort hotel amenities, excellent service, and all the comforts that come along when choosing to stay in a private vacation condo rental villa.

The resort Featured property Honua Kai Resort West Maui Kaanapali is pronounced (Ho-new-ah-keye) and continues to remain one of Maui’s most popular, and highly sought after vacation rental properties on-island. Featured Property Honua Kai Resort West Maui Kaanapali is an affordable Maui luxury rental accommodation for all who want to have wonderful all-inclusive resort feel. Honua Kai guests receive all the splendors of Maui at this Hawaiian Maui contemporary resort.

The Honua Kai Resort West Maui Kaanapali resort is a prime Maui location for this prestigious Maui resort. Honua Kai Resort rests on 38 lush fragrant acres of West Maui’s Kaanapali coastline. Honua Kai has it all including;  Stunning tropical courtyard, mystifying infinity pond filled with rainbow colored Koi Fish, a famous beach-side restaurant called Duke’s, open air lobby, Infinity Pool with Cabanas, oceanfront lazy river pool, state of the art fitness center, Aqua Loungers, and steamy Maui Hot Tubs, to name a few.

• Aina Gourmet Market
• Kids Club Open to all Guests- $15/hour, Full Day, Half Day & Evening Rates Available
• Spacious Open Floor Plans (Studio’s, 1 Bedrooms, 2 Bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms.
• Central A/C

Featured property Honua Kai Resort West Maui Kaanapali will surely be your perfect Maui home away from home. You can rest assured after booking that this property will allow you to revive, renew, and feel the meaning of aloha at this Maui vacation rental luxury resort property. Maui No Ka Oi means “Maui is the best” and no doubt your stay with Maui Hawaii Vacations at the popular Maui rental Honua Kai resort destination will leaving you wishing you had planned for a longer visit.