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Maui Rental Service & Maui Guest Services Concierge

We are here to help you find the BEST Maui Vacation Rentals in Hawaii!

Allow us to assist & get the BEST of the BEST Maui Rental special offers complete with 24/7 on-Island Support!

Call us now! 1-877-628-4482


Maui Rental Service, Don’t sweat the small stuff. We’re just a phone call away to help you with 24/7 guest-services support. So no matter where you go on island, we’ve got your back. Want to know the best place to rent snorkeling gear for cheap? Best local restaurants? Need driving directions? Any questions at all—we’re here to help. Save our # 1.877.628.4482 in your Contacts List, and let us help you plan your vacation with confidence!

A Maui Rental Service with Inspired by ALOHA!

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Activities & Tours

for the Adventurous Visitor
for the Adventurous Visitor

Ready for some fun in the sun? BOOK your activities with us NOW AND GET THE BEST OF THE BEST. Discover all that Hawaii has to offer! Ziplining, whale watching, snorkeling, water sports, spas and more. Hawaii Fun Activities at the Lowest Rates out there.

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Car Rentals at Cost!

Call us today to inquire about our wholesale rates and receive an email Maui car quote.

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Maui Hotels

Lokelani Maui Condo Rentals Resort Pool

Maui Guest Services to help with accommodate shorter Maui visits or do you prefer a hotel? No problem! Reserve a hotel room now » We offer hotels on Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

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Inter-island Flights

Hawaiian Air

Maui Guest Services on Maui for Day excursions from Maui to Oahu, Kauai or the Big Island. We can help you arrange for airfare and book tours and activities on the neighbor islands.

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Airport Lei Greetings

lei greetings on Maui

Would you like personalized Flower Lei’s upon your arrival to the airport? We can make it happen! Ask about our low rates!

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Airport Transfers

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Do you need pickup and drop off services to get you to and from your vacation rental? Maui Hawaii Vacations can make that happen. Request information while booking your accommodations or call us.


Maui Wedding Planning

Maui Vacation Wedding Planning

Let’s get Maui’d! Let us help you plan the Maui wedding of your dreams!

Maui Guest Services for you and your special other half! Get Maui’d!