Places to Visit While on Maui

Places to Visit While on Maui

Looking for fun ideas of things to do while you are vacationing on Maui? Check out our list of locally loved and Maui vacation approved island hot spots!

1. Maui Farmers Market

Enjoy locally grown fruits, vegetables and fresh caught fish! Maui Farmers Market is a feast to the senses. Stroll along the various stands to view Fresh Tropical Flowers, and colorful fruits, vegetables and delectable eats such as; Maui Sweet Onions, Molokai Purple Potatoes, Kula Greens, Fresh Coconut and Pineapple, Freshly baked bagels, Assorted Cheeses, Fresh Made Juices, Fresh Caught Fish, 100& Pure Kona Coffee, Fresh guacamole, and more! 

Fruit stand sign
Get Maui’s Farmers Market Schedule & Locations Here!

2. Lahaina Cannery Mall

Lahaina Cannery Mall is one of Maui’s prime shopping spots! Looking for a special gift? Whether you’re in search of jewelry, collectibles, clothing, accessories, you can find it here. Lahaina Cannery Mall also showcases specialty stores with unique items to take home with you! Take a break from shopping, and grab a bite to eat at the Cannery Mall’s International flavored Food Court, or just sit back and enjoy live Hula dancing, Hawaiian Artists, and various Cultural Events.

People shop handmade crafts at Aloha Festival hoolaulea
Lahaina Cannery Mall Information!

 3. Whalers Village

Whalers Village is a popular must-see and do spot for locals and tourists alike. Whalers Village is located on Ka’anapali Beach and has over 90 Fine Shops and Eateries. Shop all day long and then enjoy a spectacular view of the sunset right from your dining table!

Whalers' Village Museum is located in a corner of the large shopping mall.
Visit all the amazing Whalers Village Stores, Restaurants, & Boutiques! Click for Info!

4. Pa’ia Town

Pa’ia is Maui’s Historic Plantation Town. This whimsical little town reflects it’s history as a sugar cane plantation town with its original old style buildings still in place. This charming little beach town is home to plenty of restaurants, art galleries, and surf shops to choose from.

Enjoy the funky little beach hideaway & historical Sugar Cane Plantation area called Paia & all it’s unique splendors

5. Black Rock South Ka’anapali Beach

Black Rock is a large black lava rock that separates the two halves of Ka’anapali Beach. Black Rock is a fantastic and popular place for snorkeling, swimming, and plenty of room for sunbathing upon golden sugary sands. This is also where Hawaiian spirits went to meet their ancestors!

swhls-144762-Maui - Cliff diver and turtle at Black Rock Kaanapali
Cliff diver and turtle at Black Rock Kaanapali Cliff dive at Sunset & swim with the turtles! The famous Maui BLACK ROCK!

 6. Road to Hana

“Fulfillment lies in the journey, not the destination.” The Road to Hana is unquestionably the most famous and desired sightseeing adventure in all of Hawaii. The “crown jewel” of driving, this is truly a trip through wonderland! Drive on 60 miles of breathtakingly scenic highway, alongside one of the most enchanting rainforests of the world. Explore and enjoy hidden waterfalls, exotic lush greenery, hiking through bamboo forests, and secluded spots to stop and enjoy an afternoon picnic in a mystical Maui nature setting.

The whimsical Road to Hana is yours to behold!

7. Maalaea Maui Ocean Center

Looking for something fun and educational? Maui Ocean Center is great for children and families, and everyone in between! Maui Ocean Center is an aquarium and marine science center that exhibits natural coral reef habitats, sea turtles, sharks, humpback whales, and more! Maui Ocean Center is a great choice for those looking to have safe, hands-on fun, and also learn something along the way!

Discover the Maui Sea without getting wet! Gorgeous Maui Ocean Center in Maalaea Maui

8. Shops at Wailea

Shops at Wailea is home to more than 70 premier boutique shops, restaurants, and galleries. Enjoy the finer things in life at Shops at Wailea. Events and performers every Wednesday!

Handmade Fine Hawaiian Art & Jewelry! Luxurious Maui Shopping at it’s finest!


9. Iao Valley

Iao Valley is a historic, naturally awe-inspiring landmark on Maui. Iao Valley is a 10-mile long scenic paradise, resting on 4,000 acres of beautiful, unspoiled Maui plains. Iao is a popular spot for it’s phenomenal rainforest and breathtaking views. Capture the idyllic beauty of Iao Valley, take a picture under a rainbow, and just breathe in the fresh Island air.


Packing for Vacation to Maui

packing for vacation to maui tips


What to Pack & How to Plan The Perfect Fun Budget Friendly Hawaiian Vacation. What to pack for a vacation to Maui Hawaiian vacation essentials packing for a vacation to Maui checklist!

Before you Go

The idea of Packing for vacation to Maui and your Hawaiian dream vacation in advance, seems to drip like molasses on a cold winters night. The last thing people think about is what to prepare and pack while on vacation in Maui. When the time finally does come, it seems like it flew by and now you are left with very little time to think about what to pack, plan, and do.

PACKING FOR MAUI: Create a Packing List

Reservation confirmations, tickets, itineraries

Passport or Drivers License

Wallet & purse (a smaller purse for when walking around at night or in the day that is not too heavy.)
Medical insurance cards

Cash, credit cards, travelers checks

Cell phone and charger

Camera, film, or, extra space on sim cards, thumb drives etc.

Eyeglasses, sunglasses, contacts, cleaning solution

Prescriptions & medications

Magazines, books

Snacks & drinks for on the plane

Maps & directions

Makeup & toiletries



Quick Packing Tip (Don’t over-pack)

Packing for Vacation: Limit shoes and socks. You will mainly be wearing flip flops. If you plan to go hiking, bring 1 pair of good walking shoes.

Packing for Vacation: Outerwear Think tropical. Think summer. Shorts, skirts, t-shirts, tank-tops, light cardigans, dresses. Maybe 1 pair of jeans or slacks and one slightly heavier cardigan style sweater.

Packing for Vacation: Beachwear bathing suits, coveralls, sunglasses, sun hat, sari. swimming trunks & board shorts.

Packing for Vacation: Clothing pack clothes that are versatile and will keep you cool. T-shirts that can double up as a night shirt or a beach cover-up. Outfits that can be dressed up or down.

PACKING FOR MAUI: One week or more prior to arrival:

  • Begin a “DO NOT FORGET TO PACK” list. If traveling with your family or friends it is best to include them on this list.
  • Figure out how you want to get to the airport. Would you rather take an airport transfer to your local airport, drive yourself and pay parking fees, or perhaps have a friend or family member take you?
  • Arrange to stop newspaper and snail mail delivery until your return unless you are planning on a house sitter.
  • Do you have pets?
  • Get travelers checks if you plan on taking them along.
  • Print copies of your reservation(s). It is a good idea to print 3 copies. 1 for your carry-on luggage, one for someone at home, and another in your check-in luggage. Passport, Drivers License, credit cards, traveler’s check receipt(s), airline tickets. It is also a good idea to leave copies of your reservations with a close family friend or relative with the telephone numbers etc.

PACKING FOR MAUI: Up to one week prior to departure:

  • Wash Clothes and make a list of the clothing and accessories you plan to bring. (Hawaii and Maui are very casual. It is a good idea to pack light.)
  • Gather books, magazines, and maps, you plan to bring with you.
  • Finalize your itinerary and make sure to give a copy to someone at home; include names, addresses, and telephone numbers of hotels and people you intend to see while here.

PACKING FOR MAUI: 24 to 48 hours prior to departure

  • Call the airline to reconfirm your flight and inquire about any better seats. (Keep the number with your tickets.)
  • Pay all bills that will become due while you are gone.
  • Recharge cell phones, cameras, cordless shaver, toothbrushes and all other rechargeable items.
  • Begin packing your suitcase; make note of any last minute items (shampoo, toothbrush etc.) you will still need to pack in each bag.

PACKING FOR MAUI: One week or more prior to arrival

  • Packing for a vacation to Maui last minute items
  • Make sure you have printed directions to the airport if you or someone else is driving
  • Back up your computer and turn it off. (If bringing a laptop, make sure it is charged and is packed with its charger
  • Forward your email or put set an auto response
  • Change voicemail or answering machine
  • Wash Dishes
  • Water Plants
  • Unplug electrical devices
  • Shut and lock all doors and windows
  • Stop Newspaper or Mail delivery

Packing for a vacation to Maui is not hard. Hawaii is not glamorous like sparkly Hollywood runway or perfect catwalk in New York.

Hawaii is laid back. CHILL. The traffic is not a nuisance simply because you’re not in a hurry. You understand the ‘island life’ and you can rest, relax, and look at the ocean and go with the traffic’s flow.

The Perfect Beach Bag Accessories

There are a few ‘MUST PACK” items. However, many beach toys for adults and children can be rented for your entire vacation. 

  • Flip Flops, Sandals- (aka Slippas)
  • Glasses, Contacts (An Extra pair) (Solution)
  • Sunglasses! (Preferably Maui Jim’s)
  • A comfy sun hat
  • Beach Towels
  • Beach Toys
  • Beach Umbrella
  • Camera (extra memory cards) (or rent a go-pro)
  • Cell phone (Charger)
  • Laptop
  • Small Bluetooth rechargeable speaker
  • Headphones
  • Snorkel & fins
  • Goggles
  • Flotation devices
  • Cooler
  • Beach chairs-beach umbrella

All Strollers, pack n plays, cribs, beach strollers, car seats, etc. can be rented locally

Maui Vacation Planning

Maui Vacation Planning

Maui Vacation Planning Make your trip to Maui a success, by using our helpful guidelines to booking & planning a Maui vacation. Feel free to use our tips & tricks for a completely stress-free experience! Make the most of your Maui vacation by efficiently mapping out your schedule/itinerary. Once you have your flights, accommodations and Maui car rentals taken care of, you can start thinking about activities & extras for your vacation. Are you planning on attending one of our exciting Maui luaus? Is there a Maui restaurant you’re wanting to try? Make reservations ahead of time & start Maui Vacation planning Now!

Lei Greetings

Tip #1 The Iconic airport lei greetings are an excellent way to start your Maui vacation. Reserve your Airport Lei Greetings ahead of time, and make the most of every moment of your Maui vacation experience– starting right at the airport! Get car rentals at Cost!

Tip #2: Maui Restaurant Reservations

Make restaurant reservations ahead of time to guarantee yourself a table! There are many popular and delicious restaurants on Maui and a lot of them book up very quickly. Popular holidays sell out far in advance, vacation planning suggests booking before you arrive. Guests can always check restaurants websites, call, or make reservations online. If a particular popular Maui restaurant does not accept reservations, we recommend reading their reviews online. Try popular restaurant review websites such as Yelp to learn about their most popular dining hours, so you can know exactly when you need to arrive to get a table in time!

Maui Vacation Planning Tip #4: Maui Activities, Tours, Dinner Shows & Luau’s

Book your Maui activities, tours, dinner shows & luau’s ahead of time to guarantee yourself the best seats possible. All of the best Maui activities tend to sell-out fast! All activities booked through Maui Hawaii Vacations.

Snorkeling on Maui is the Best!

Tip #3: Maui Beach Rentals & Snorkeling Gear

Condo rentals do not always provide beach gear (chairs, boogie boards, snorkeling equipment, etc) Reserve your beach rentals & snorkeling gear ahead of time, to ensure quick & easy pick-up which leaves you more time for FUN! Our friends at The Snorkel Store offer excellent rates on Beach Rentals & Snorkeling Gear! Related: Why Maui Has the Best Snorkeling in Hawaii

Tip #4: Maui Cribs, Baby Supplies & Rollaway Beds

If you are traveling with younger children and are in need of cribs/baby supplies, or even rollaway beds, contact rental companies ahead of time to reserve. Rental companies will come to your condo and set it up for you! Don’t spend precious vacation time in your unit setting up a crib. Call and make arrangements ahead of time! Contact us for recommendations.

Tip #5: Maui Babysitters, Nannies & Child Care

Plan ahead for your “grown-ups” night out on Maui! There are several credible Maui child care centers that specifically specialize in certified nanny services for families vacationing with children! Arrange for a nanny ahead of time. Contact us for recommendations.

Do Your Research– Know Before You Travel to Maui
Check Maui Event Calendars

There are a thousand and one exciting things to do and places to see on Maui vacation planning is very important to make the most of your time on-island! Check Maui Event Calendars to see what is happening in Maui ahead of time, that way you can efficiently plan to make time to attend and enjoy our monthly events!

Print Coupons, Find Maui Discounts & Specials Ahead of Time

The best way to efficiently plan for your trip is to help yourself save money ahead of time. Do a little research, and find out what places are offering discounts & specials. Peruse websites like Groupon, Local Maui Newspapers or Advertisements and make the most of your spending money! Related: How to Get the Best Maui Deals

Hawaii is a smoke-free state. All of our condo rental properties are smoke-free. However, if you are a smoker, there are designated smoking areas at some condo properties and outdoor areas.

Vacation Planning 101 – Come Prepared– Little Things That are Often Overlooked


Maui BYOB Bring Your Own Bag

Due to Maui’s Plastic Reduction Ordinance, Maui markets, grocers, and other stores no longer offer Plastic Bags at checkout. Guests are advised to either bring their own reusable bags or purchase them on-site. Re-usable bags from Maui make great souvenirs! More Information on Maui Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance Here. If you have some at home, when vacation planning, it is best to pack a few in your carry-on luggage.

Capture Your Maui Vacation Without Interruption

Bring along or purchase a portable battery charger for your phone or camera! Stash a portable battery charger in your travel bag, and you won’t have to worry about having to return your condo to continually charge your phone or camera. With many photo opportunities at every moment, you will thank yourself for preparing ahead of time.

Secure Your Own Personal Tour Guide Using Maui Guide Phone Apps

Download Maui Guide apps to your phone. There are several downloadable Maui Tour Guides available! Many of them point out landmarks and destinations along the road and even warn of upcoming stop signs and changes in traffic conditions. If you are planning on driving the famous Road to Hana, you can download a guided app right to your phone. Related: 10 Popular Places to Visit on Maui

Maui Apps-Great Technology
Great Download

Maui Vacation Planning Suggests Shop First, Enjoy Later

Most Maui Condos have fully equipped kitchens, including all of your eating and cooking utensils. However, if you are planning on making meals in your vacation home, it is recommended to stop at the grocery store on the way to your condo before you check-in. There is Walmart, Costco and various other grocery stores where you can pick up your favorite foods, spices, and condiments, etc. so you avoid having to drive around looking for grocery stores when it comes time to prepare your meals. Shopping at the beginning of your Maui vacation is also an ideal time to purchase sunscreen, and other sundries as well.

The most important vacation planning tip of all– Plan to have FUN! It’s time to relax. It is important to make preparations ahead of time, but the most important thing to remember is to make time for spontaneous experiences!