Maui Halloween 2015

The Best Halloween party and it’s only on Maui!




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Lahaina is famous for having the biggest Halloween celebration in Hawaii & though a few years back were not as good due to vehicle traffic, Since 2011, Front Street has been blocked again allowing free flowing pedestrian traffic only!

That’s right: no cars! Instead you’ll find plenty of happy costumed foot traffic on Front Street.

LahainaHalloween.com is your guide to Halloween on Front Street Maui and all of Hawaii. Check out last year’s Best CostumesEvent Information, the Maui Bars with the best views of the Front St parade, and great choices of inexpensive, creative, and unique Halloween Costumes.

BE PREPARED for this years Hallow’s eve in Maui!

Each year Lahaina’s Front Street festivities become bigger and more involved. You’ll find that it’s a real task trying to find anyone without a costume on. These Halloween costumes range from fun store bought outfits to completely homemade masterpieces. Some of the contestants in the various Lahaina Costume Contests have spent all year building their creative Halloween outfits.


Come on folks, get on that airplane and come visit us!





Halloween in Hawaii has been largely celebrated since 1990, in the historic whaling town of Lahaina, Maui.

Anywhere between 20,000 to 30,000 residents and visitors come to Lahaina wearing their best costumes every year. Front Street, the famous Lahaina Street that runs along the ocean, is where most of the festivities happen. THIS YEAR THE STREETS ARE CLOSED TO CARS AGAIN! PEDESTRIANS RULE!!

The Keiki (children’s) parade usually kicks off around 3:3-4pm and lasts about an hour or so.

Their is no admission fee to the festivities in Lahaina, however cover charges may apply at some bars and Restaurant bars. The carnival of costumed Halloween revelers is wonderful to join or watch. Some of the best views are from the restaurants and bars on the second levels of the buildings on Front street. Halloween in Lahaina is something not to be missed. Make certain to have a ride or be staying walking distance from Front Street. If you’re staying on the South side of Maui, you may want to get a room in Lahaina for the night. If you do, you’ll avoid driving the winding Pali after dark. Make sure to book well in advance because many others share the same idea.


When do the festivities in Lahaina begin?
The festivities begin at before sunset with the children’s parade around 4pm. We recommend you get there as early as possible to find parking and enjoy some of the shops while they’re open. Arriving before 3 may assure that you don’t have to wait in the long slow traffic to Lahaina.

Where do we park?
There will be dozens of parking lots to park at for a fee. Finding parking where you don’t have to pay is unrealistic unless you get there early in the morning. If you are driving, please be wary of drunk drivers. Maui Police are not fond of them, and rightly so. If you want to beat traffic and parking, take the Halloween cruise discussed next.

Are their alternatives to driving from the south side of Maui?
The Pride of Maui may once again offer a Halloween cruise up to Lahaina from Maalaea Harbor. This saves you a lot of driving and headache in traffic and parking. Ask your resort/hotel if they will supply you with a shuttle to Maalaea. Learn more at Lahaina Halloween Cruise.

Does anyone go without a Halloween costume?
Yes, some tourists don’t dress up, which is a shame. But most everyone has something on. That’s what makes Halloween in Lahaina so great!

Is there food and drinks available?
If you want a sit down meal, you’ll want to get to Lahaina very early. Otherwise you’ll wait for hours. Alcohol is not permitted on the street, but the bars all up and down Front Street are open and bumping. You’ll find that they have cover charges and can be difficult to get into in the later hours due to capacity. The second story bars are the best because of the great views.

Does it cost anything to get into the Halloween carnival on Front Street?
There is no admission to the festivities, though bars and some restaurants will have cover charges.

Is it safe in Lahaina on Halloween?
This year, Lahaina will have 80 police officers patrolling on October 31st. Lahaina is probably the safest place to be at on Halloween because of the overwhelming caution of the police force. After it gets dark, you may want to take the kids home. People can tend to get overzealous and some people wear revealing outfits. There will be checkpoints to stop drunk drivers as well as random stops.

Are there any big Halloween contests and what are the prizes?
Many of the bars and restaurants have costume contests with various prizes.

I have a great outfit for my dog. Can pets enter the competition?
Pets will not be allowed on Front Street for Halloween this year. If you’d still like to dress up your pets, check out these great PET COSTUMES.

What other locations are there for Halloween in Maui and Hawaii?
You can always go to Mulligan’s on the Blue in Wailea for a good time on the south side of Maui. If you plan on doing Halloween on your Kauai vacation, you’ll find it a little slower paced, though still a lot of fun.


Why spend Thanksgiving 2015 on Maui?


Thanksgiving on Maui is something a lot of people don’t realize is possible. Oh but it is! Condos have great kitchens to make your special Thanksgiving Holiday Dinner



Carving the turkey

Drinking Mai Tai’s on the Beach

Eating far beyond your fill

All the while working on your tan in a tropical paradise.


A warm sandy beach on Maui might not seem traditional, but Thanksgiving on Maui is hands down, the best gathering place on earth to give thanks on Thanksgiving.


Believe it or not. Retreating to the islands of Hawaii to give thanks is a ritual to many, and for others, Thanksgiving on Maui is an yearly family tradition.

Have you ever thought about skipping Thanksgiving at home?

Not feeling bombarded while choosing the perfect turkey in the frenzied local grocery store?

Have you ever not worried about cleaning the house for the in-laws annual holiday appearance?

Some people skip the holidays completely, and only go home after all the festivities are over. 

Sound Crazy?


Whales do it!

Whale tail

Humpback Whales spend every Summer eating in the cold waters of Alaska.

The whales prepare themselves for the return journey back to Hawaii where the whales, and their ancestors were conceived and born.

The island of Maui seems to be an all-time favorite location for these magical mystical mammals. Innumerable individual Rorquals (a family of Humpback Whales) love Maui and stay well into the middle of May the following year.

Whales off the shore of Maui with the west Maui mountains in the background

A bird does it! 
If ever someone calls you a “birdbrain” for wanting to escape winter’s inevitable icy grip, make sure you remark: “I’m a Golden Plover!”

THANKSGIVING ON MAUI WONKASmile brightly and walk away.

The Golden Plover is a rare bird indeed.

Both the Golden Plover & the Humpback Whales  migrate to and from Alaska.


The Humpback Whale is a GIGANTIC sea mammal that swims the open seas alongside their gargantuan family fleet.

The Golden Plover is a tiny bird.


The tiny “bird brain” of a Golden Plover is equipped with the absolute finest navigational capacity this world over.


The Golden Plovers skills are far superior to anything man-made.

The Golden Plover spreads it’s wings, and launches into thin air. It flies clear across the world from Alaska all the way to Hawaii non-stop.

The Golden Plover is airborne continuously for 88 hours. YES, eighty-eight hours.

NON-STOP 2,500 hundred miles across the pacific ocean with absolutely no place to lay a weary wing. (perhaps booking a redeye flight home from Maui for $200 cheaper is worth it)

Question: How can I possibly think of taking a vacation to Maui when Christmas is around the corner?


Answer: It’s easy, all you have to do is make up your mind that it is possible and you are going to do it!

Question: When will I find the time to do my holiday shopping if I miss Black Friday at the mall?

Answer: Hawaii is not an isolated world only accessible by boat or plane. Maui has internet, telephone service, and even COSTCO! The beach is a hop, skip, and a jump away, if you absolutely must stand in-line for some amazing souvenir and Christmas presents!

Question: How can I possibly afford going to Maui right before the holidays?

Answer: Your vacation on Maui is your Holiday!

Going to Maui is probably one of the best gifts you could ever give! It is also one of the best gifts you could ever receive! It’s memories and shared experiences are PRICELESS!

There are fully-equipped Maui vacation rentals for every budget and every price range.

Thanksgiving on MauiMany Maui condos are fully-stocked with gourmet kitchens that Include blenders for tropical cocktails.

Several Maui condos offer million dollar beachfront views of the Humpback Whales frolicking in the open sea and the Golden Plovers dancing in the sun above the clouds.

Valley Isle

There is Nothing quite like washing dishes after a Thanksgiving feast on Maui, with a view of the water.

Thanksgiving on Maui is a priceless place of Thanks-Giving, & whole lot of ALOHA.

Affordable Maui condos affordable family vacation to Maui

The Aloha filled Thanksgiving on Maui memory will last for the rest of your life.





Mouthwatering Maui Eateries for #Foodies

Mouthwatering Maui Eateries for Foodies

Maui offers some of the best dining and restaurants in Hawaii, with a tantalizing array of exotic cuisine and Hawaiian regional cuisine. Fresh caught fish, fruits and vegetables abound! There are few things in life more enjoyable than a sunrise poolside dining experience welcoming in a brand new day on the Magic Isle with macadamia nut pancakes, or sunset dining right on the sparkling beaches of Maui as the sun disappears beyond the horizon, welcoming in the balmy, tropical nights. There are many dining hot spots where you can get dressed up or dress down, to fuel up by way of savory local feasting. With many options to choose from, it will surely be difficult to choose just one! Maui offers several award winning popular hot spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Check out our growing list of Mouthwatering Maui Eateries for Foodies sure to please any palate!


1. Mama’s Fish House

Location: Paia

Price Range: $$$$

Maui’s most famous restaurant. Mama’s Fish House hosts an unforgettable top-notch dining experience that you will hold in your memory for years to come. Mama’s is located in Maui’s Historic Plantation Town, Paia. Nestled on a tiki filled beach, Mama’s Fish House offers Michelin Star quality food, a romantic ambiance, incredible beachfront views, freshly caught that day tropical fish, custom cocktails, and unique desserts. The Wild Fish Caught by Mama’s Fishermen Menu changes daily. Some Favorite Menu items include: Tahitian Ceviche, Lobster & Crab Stuffed Mahi Mahi, Fresh Baked Hawaiian Bread, and the famous Polynesian Black Pearl dessert. Great for groups, families and couples! Reservations are accepted and highly recommended.

View Mama’s Fish House Menu Here: Mama’s Fish House Menu 



2. Star Noodle

Location: Lahaina

Price Range: $$

A great choice for Asian fusion lovers! Star Noodle has many unique dishes such as: Vietnamese Crepes, Pad Thai, Steamed Pork Buns, Ramen, Udon, and delectable desserts like Mango Pudding, and Malasadas. Aside from their tantalizing menu, Star Noodle also offers an array of cocktails and beverages such as Sake, Sake Cocktails, Wines and Beer.  Star Noodle accepts reservations, and is great for kids and groups. Casual ambiance in a friendly, modern atmosphere.

View Star Noodle Menu Here: Star Noodle Menu



3. Aloha Mixed Plate

Location: Front Street, Lahaina

Price Range: $$

If you love traditional Hawaiian cuisine, this is your place! Aloha Mixed Plate is a local favorite, offering a wide selection of Hawaiian eats for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Aloha Mixed Plate has a full menu with savory plates like Shoyu Chicken, Fresh Fish, Teriyaki Beef, Kalbi Ribs, Salads, Burgers, Sandwiches, Noodle Dishes, and a delightful selection of Island Cocktails and Beverages like Mai Tai’s and Passion Fruit Smoothies. Aloha Mixed Plate is a casual spot with outdoor seating. Great for kids and groups!

View Aloha Mixed Plate Menu Here: Aloha Mixed Plate Menu



4. Coconuts Fish Cafe

Location: Kihei

Price Range: $$

Coconuts Fish Cafe serves Fresh fish, Coconut Shrimp, Tacos with Mango Salsa, Mahi & Ono Fish & Chips, Ono Fish Burgers, Onion Rings, Seafood & Chicken Pastas, Steak & Seafood Salads, Soups and Kids Entrees. Coconuts Fish Cafe is a casual walk-in style restaurant, and great for groups and families looking for a quick delicious bite.

View Coconuts Fish Cafe Menu Here: Coconuts Fish Cafe Menu



5. Hula Grill Kaanapali

Location: Kaanapali

Price Range: $$

Hula Grill Kaanapali is located in Whaler’s Village, along the beachfront path. Hula Grill Kaanapali offers Lunch & Dinner for American, Hawaiian and Asian Fusion cuisine, Desserts and Island Cocktails. Menu items include a Pupu & Raw bar with Sashimi, Poke Tacos, Hawaiian Ceviche, Soups & Salads, Fresh Hawaiian Fish & Seafood, Coconut Seafood Chowder, and Kids Entrees, to name a few. Casual, beachfront ambiance. Great for kids and groups. Reservations are accepted and recommended.

View Hula grill Kaanapali Menu Here: Hula Grill Kaanapali Menu 



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6. Kimo’s

Location: Front Street, Lahaina

Price Range: $$

Kimo’s is a Seafood and Steakhouse on popular Maui Hot Spot- Front Street in Lahaina. Kimo’s is a great choice for Dinner, with upstairs and outdoor seating. Kimo’s has a casual, friendly ambiance. Kimo’s offers a great menu selection including: Pupu’s,Tiger Shrimp Cocktail, Sashimi, Smoked Fish Bruschetta, Macadamia Nut Crusted Calamari, Fresh Fish Tacos, Koloa Pork Ribs, Hamburgers, Desserts and Cocktails. Kimo’s is great for groups and families with kids. Reservations are accepted.

View Kimo’s Menu Here: Kimo’s Menu



7. Da Kitchen Cafe

Location: Kahului/Kihei

Price Range: $$

Da Kitchen Cafe is a local favorite, offering satisfying Hawaiian style entrees. Favorite menu items include: Deep Fried Spam Musubi’s, Mahi cakes, BBQ Beef Sticks, Lumpia, Da Kine Moco, Katsu Sandwich, Misoyaki Butterfish, Saimin Noodles, Pastas, Salads, Steaks and Burgers. Come here hungry! Portions are as big as the flavors! Great for lunch, families with kids and groups.

View Da Kitchen Cafe Menu Here: Da Kitchen Cafe Menu



8. Kihei Caffe

Location: Kihei

Price Range: $

Kihei Caffe is a popular inexpensive choice for Breakfast and Lunch! Welcome in the new day on Maui at Kihei Caffe’s outdoor seating area. Delicious menu items include: Banana Macadamia Nut French Toast & Coconut Syrup, Pork Fried Rice & Scrambled Eggs, Eggs Benedict and Home Fries, Chorizo and Eggs, Supreme Breakfast Burritos. Sausage Biscuits & Gravy, Cinnamon Roll French Toast, Haleakala Hot Chili, and much more! Kihei Caffe is a casual dining spot that is great for groups and families with kids!

View Kihei Caffe Menu Here: Kihei Caffe Menu 



9. Gazebo Restaurant

Location: Napili

Price Range: $$

Gazebo restaurant is a charming dining spot set right on the beach  with local Hawaiian flair. A great spot for Breakfast & Brunch, with outdoor seating and casual ambiance.  Favorite menu items include; Champagne Mimosa’s, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Pancakes with Whipped Cream & Coconut Syrup, Portuguese Sausage, Kahuna Omelettes, Bacon Cheeseburgers, Coffee and more! Gazebo Restaurant is great for groups and families with kids.



10. Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Location: Kapalua/Kihei

Price Range: $$$

Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar is a popular local favorite spot for unique, inventive sushi rolls and fresh seafood. Local favorites include: Maui Onion Tempura Rings, Matsuhisa Style Miso Butterfish, Lobster & Blue Crab Ravioli, Sansei’s Mango Crab Salad Roll, Seared Foie Gras Nigiri Sushi, Panko Crusted Ahi Sashimi Sushi Roll, Sansei’s Asian Shrimp Cake, Dungeness Crab Ramen with Asian Truffle Broth, Tempura Fried Ice Cream, and a Full Bar. Great for groups. Reservations accepted and recommended.

View Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar Menu Here: Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar Menu



Where is your favorite place to dine in Maui? Comment below and share your dining experience!


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