Free or Inexpensive Fun Things to do on Maui

 Free or Inexpensive Fun Things to do on Maui

Take a look at some of our fun recommendations of ideas for Free or Inexpensive Fun Things to do on Maui without depleting all your spending money on vacation.

1. Go to Maui Farmers Market


Freshly made guacamole anyone? Maui Farmer’s Market is a great place to spend some time walking around and perusing the fresh produce and taste the free samples. Read more about  Maui Farmer’s Markets here:

2. Have a picnic under a banyan tree at Banyan Tree Park in LahainaHistoric Banyan Trees of Lahaina

Take some snacks and head over to Banyan Tree Park for a nice outdoor picnic under the trees.


 3. Catch some live entertainment

The ukulele is essential to Hawaiian music.

Spend some time listening to some live Maui entertainment. There are plenty of live musicians and cultural events at different Maui locations throughout the year. Check the Maui Event Calendar here to see when and where the latest live events are happening.


4.Take a scenic drive on the famous Road to Hana

Vacation Maui Guide

Fill up your gas tank and try out the Famous Road to Hana. Lots of breathtaking views and sightseeing along the way. The Road to Hana is a great way to spend an entire day exploring the tropical beauty of the island.


5. People watch while you catch some rays at the beach

The best Maui vacation rentals throughout the island of maui hawaii

Grab a beach chair and some sun screen. Spend the day out on the beach! Afterall, it is Maui, where beaches are second best to none.


6. Go window shopping on Front Street in Lahaina

Street Sign

Check out galleries and various shops along front street. Lahaina is host to many local events happening around the area. Be sure and check a Maui events calendar to coordinate with your schedule during your visit to this popular tourist spot on Maui.

7. Hang out with turtles at Turtle Town on Black sand beach

Honu on black sand beach

Turtle Town is a great location to get a close look at the turtles of Maui. Turtle Town also has many other forms of marine life as well, since it is a great and popular spot for snorkeling activities.


8. Visit Historic Sites

Hale Paahao History Plaque Maui is known for its rich cultural history. There are plenty of spots on island where you can visit places with great historical significance. Click Here to explore the Historic Places of Maui via


9. Rent a bike and cruise around town Wailea vacation rentals condos

When you’re ready to get out and stretch your legs, rent a bicycle and cruise along the beach path. There are plenty of bike rental kiosks and companies in Maui, this is a great and inexpensive way to sight-see and have fun during the day.

10. Go snorkeling

she378ls-82627-Lifestyle - Snorkeling

Maui is the best island for snorkeling! There are so many spots to dive in and explore. We get great discounts on all snorkeling gear! Click here for more information on Why Maui is the Best Island for Snorkeling! Maui Snorkeling- A Local Insiders Guide