Maui Weddings, No Place Like it On Earth!

Maui Weddings, No Place Like it On Earth!

Imagine Anchoring Your Love on the Loveliest of all Islands!

Let’s get Maui’d! 

Maui Wedding, No place like it on earth!

Maui Weddings Imagine tying the knot, saying “I DO”, and sealing your vows with a kiss in Maui Hawaii? Are you able to picture the sunshine rays last glimmer of the azure sea casting twinkles in your true loves eye? Maui Weddings wonders, can you feel the warm sun using the salty air to wave & say goodnight? Can you smell the colors of the fragrant tropical flowers? Can you hear the moon beckon you to join the night as she rises for your special occasion?

If you cannot imagine the above yet, just wait, you will. You will NEVER forget getting Maui’d!

Start Maui Wedding Planning!
Start Maui Wedding Planning!

Maui Weddings Spotlights- Mark Twain, he was a lover of Hawaii, Heavenly Hawaii Haunted Mr. Mark Twain for his entire lifetime. Mark Twain could only use his mind to save the essence of the enigmatic island splendors. Mark Twain has said Hawaii is, “the loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean.” He later after yearning to return to the lands of Hawaii concluded; “No alien land in all the world has any deep strong charm for me but one. No other land could so longingly, and so beseechingly haunt both my sleeping, and waking, through half a lifetime as the islands of Hawaii has done. Other lands leave me, other lands change in my mind, but Hawaii abides, and remains the same.” Furthermore, Mark Twain illustrates the magic of the Hawaiian islands by going into sensational detail by stating;

“The islands warm balmy airs are always blowing, the summer seas flash in the sunlight, the pulse of the surf continues its rhythm in my ears; I can see the garland crags, and its leaping cascading falls, its plumy green palms dancing drowsily at the shores edge, the remote summits that float like islands all their own above the clouds. I can feel the aural spirits of the woodland solitude, and hear their splashes, and lastly, within my nostrils both alive, and thriving are the breath of flowers that long since perished over twenty years ago.”

Your Maui Wedding Will live on in your heart, soul, and mind forever!

Maui Weddings, No Place like it on Earth!

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