Maui Kidcation- Hawaii Family Vacation


A Maui Kidcation is Perfect for a Family Vacation to Hawaii

A Maui kidcation is just what you and your family need to bond and strengthen your relationship with your children.

Maui is by far the best Hawaiian island for a family Maui kidcation tropical holiday with the family.

Maui Kidcation is the trendy name for taking a Maui vacation with kids.

A Maui kidcation is the perfect Hawaiian island for traveling with kids keiki (Hawaiian word for Children) of all ages. Older kids, small children, babies and even teenagers will consider Maui to be the perfect paradise place for a vacation.

For 20 years and counting, the island of Maui wins the prestigious title of “number 1 island in the world by Conde Naste Traveler”

Kidcation to Maui
When planning stages there are several variables to think about and consider before booking your vacation accommodations on a Maui Kidcation.

Deciding where to stay on your Maui Kidcation is important. There are a few questions you should ask yourself as well as the rest of your family traveling.

Contrary to popular belief, a Maui Kidcation vacation to Hawaii does not have to leave your pockets empty.

Most people are unaware but, Maui is host to a vast collection of affordable, modern, luxurious vacation rentals of every shape, type and size. There are so many accommodations on Maui to choose from.Kidcation to Maui

Depending on the age of your children, how many people are traveling together, what you like to do, what your personal preferences are, and even how many beds would be most appropriate, are all questions to think about before booking your Hawaiian Maui vacation.

Although it would be pretty hard to find something you wouldn’t like on Maui, there are probably a lot more options that are available that you never thought about. Choice Maui kidcation locations that would make your Maui Kidcation much greater and filled with magical memories.

wes1028ls-131246-Wailele Luau

Maui’s 2 main locations are called West Maui and South Maui. Within these two areas are several individual towns that each are unique in their own respect. Each  town on both West, and South Maui have their strong points and may be a better location for different types of vacations and guest travelers.

Some locations are better for a Maui kidcation than others. Some places to stay on Maui are not a good choice for a Maui kidcation in Hawaii

Kaanapali Vacation Rentals Resorts and Condos

The way to plan, pick, and book the best Maui kidcation holiday is by answering these next questions and calling Maui Hawaii Vacations.

Maui Hawaii Vacations are Maui vacation specialists. We know the right questions to ask, and we know where to find the right Maui kidcation location for you right away. By talking with you we are able to understand what you need, prefer and what you want. You do not have to stress about whether your accommodations were the right choice when you book with a company that specializes in Maui Kidcations.

Maui kidcation

Grab a piece of paper and start writing your answers. When finished, either call us or email us the answers, and then relax. You are now in the lap of Aloha. You have just taken the first step toward the best vacation you will ever have with your children (keiki.)

Maui kidcation

#1 How many people are traveling? How many adults? How many children? Are there seniors also traveling? If traveling with grandparents, are they still very mobile?
#2 Do I have a price range I want to stay within per night? Do I have a total vacation budget? Where is the best place to buy food on Maui for a kidcation?
#3 Do I want to stay in a hotel? Or luxury villa beach resort on Maui? If we choose a hotel, we MUST eat every single meal out, or will a Maui vacation rental condo be better so we can share breakfast together?
#4 How important is being near or on the beach to us?
#5 How important is a pool for the kids?
#6 How much money am I able to pay right now to secure my vacation to Maui?
#7 When is the remaining balance going to be charged for my kidcation to Maui?
#8 What do I want to do with the kids while there? What would my kids like to do the most while on Maui?
#9 Do I want to bring a car seat, or rent a car seat with my rental car on Maui? Do I need a rental car on Maui?
#10 OMG I am feeling stressed now and a little overwhelmed planning this thing by myself. I have no idea the answer to most of these questions. I know I want to go snorkeling while on Maui! ;D

Maui kidcation


Planning a Maui kidcation should not be an overwhelming experience, but many people book their Maui rental accommodations without ever thinking about these questions.

Kidcation Maui vacation to Hawaii Maui kidcation It is never fun when you are sunbathing by the pool, and your children are in the pool playing Marco Polo at a resort, and unbeknownst to you the resort is not really kid-friendly and is really geared more toward a community of retired travelers. >.<

Nobody likes to be confronted, Especially on vacation by ANYONE who think their children are splashing and laughing too loud. You don’t have to! It is avoidable!

Prior Proper Planning Produces Paradise Perfected.

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