Why you should spend a Holiday like Thanksgiving on Maui


Thanksgiving on Maui is something a lot of people don’t realize is possible.


Carving the turkey

drinking Mai Tai’s

eating far beyond your fill.

All the while working on your tan in a tropical paradise.


A warm sandy beach on Maui might not seem traditional, but Thanksgiving on Maui is hands down, the best gathering place on earth to give thanks on Thanksgiving.

Believe it or not. Retreating to the islands of Hawaii to give thanks is a ritual to many, and for others, Thanksgiving on Maui is an yearly family tradition.

Have you ever thought about skipping Thanksgiving at home?

Not feeling bombarded while choosing the perfect turkey in the frenzied local grocery store?

Have you ever not worried about cleaning the house for the in-laws annual holiday appearance?

Some people skip the holidays completely, and only go home after all the festivities are over. 

Sound Crazy?


Whales do it!

Whale tail

Humpback Whales spend every Summer eating in the cold waters of Alaska.

The whales prepare themselves for the return journey back to Hawaii where the whales, and their ancestors were conceived and born.

The island of Maui seems to be an all-time favorite location for these magical mystical mammals. Innumerable individual Rorquals (a family of Humpback Whales) love Maui and stay well into the middle of May the following year.

Whales off the shore of Maui with the west Maui mountains in the background

A bird does it! 
If ever someone calls you a “birdbrain” for wanting to escape winter’s inevitable icy grip, make sure you remark: “I’m a Golden Plover!”

THANKSGIVING ON MAUI WONKASmile brightly and walk away.

The Golden Plover is a rare bird indeed.

Both the Golden Plover & the Humpback Whales  migrate to and from Alaska.


The Humpback Whale is a GIGANTIC sea mammal that swims the open seas alongside their gargantuan family fleet.

The Golden Plover is a tiny bird.

The tiny “birdbrain” of a Golden Plover is equipped with the absolute finest navigational capacity this world over.


The Golden Plovers skills are far superior to anything man-made.

The Golden Plover spreads it’s wings, and launches into thin air. It flies clear across the world from Alaska all the way to Hawaii non-stop.

The Golden Plover is airborne continuously for 88 hours. YES, eighty-eight hours.

NON-STOP 2,500 hundred miles across the pacific ocean with absolutely no place to lay a weary wing. (perhaps booking a redeye flight home from Maui for $200 cheaper is worth it)

Question: How can I possibly think of taking a vacation to Maui when Christmas is around the corner?

Answer: It’s easy, all you have to do is make up your mind that it is possible and you are going to do it!

Question: When will I find the time to do my holiday shopping if I miss Black Friday at the mall?

Answer: Hawaii is not an isolated world only accessible by boat or plane. Maui has internet, telephone service, and even COSTCO! The beach is a hop, skip, and a jump away, if you absolutely must stand in-line for some amazing souvenir and Christmas presents!

Question: How can I possibly afford going to Maui right before the holidays?

Answer: Your vacation on Maui is your Holiday!

Going to Maui is probably one of the best gifts you could ever give! It is also one of the best gifts you could ever receive! It’s memories and shared experiences are PRICELESS!

There are fully-equipped Maui vacation rentals for every budget and every price range.

Thanksgiving on MauiMany Maui condos are fully-stocked with gourmet kitchens that Include blenders for tropical cocktails.

Several Maui condos offer million dollar beachfront views of the Humpback Whales frolicking in the open sea and the Golden Plovers dancing in the sun above the clouds.

Valley Isle

There is Nothing quite like washing dishes after a Thanksgiving feast on Maui, with a view of the water.

Thanksgiving on Maui is a priceless place of Thanks-Giving, & whole lot of ALOHA.

Affordable Maui condos affordable family vacation to Maui

The Aloha filled Thanksgiving on Maui memory will last for the rest of your life.