Maui Vacation Planning! Plan Your Maui Vacation Ahead!

Maui Vacation Planning | Smart Tips for Planning Ahead

Maui Vacation Planning! Are you planning a Maui Hawaii Vacation?

Maui Vacation Planning and several smart tips for planning your Maui vacation ahead of time.

Make your trip to Maui a success, by using our helpful guidelines to booking & planning a Maui vacation. Feel free to use our tips & tricks for a completely stress free experience! Make the most of your Maui vacation by efficiently mapping out your schedule/itinerary. Once you have your flights, accommodations and Maui car rental taken care of, you can start thinking about activities & extras for your vacation. Are you planning on attending one of our exciting Maui luaus? Is there a Maui restaurant you’re wanting to try? Make reservations ahead of time & start Maui Vacation planning Now!

Maui Vacation Planning on What to Reserve Ahead of Time

Maui Vacation Planning Tip #1: Airport Lei Greetings

 The Iconic airport lei greetings are an excellent way to start your Maui vacation. Reserve your Airport Lei Greetings ahead of time, and make the most of every moment of your Maui vacation experience– starting right at the airport!

Maui Vacation Planning Tip #2: Maui Restaurant Reservations

Make restaurant reservations ahead of time to guarantee yourself a table! There are many popular and delicious restaurants on Maui, and a lot of them book up very quickly. Popular holidays sell out far in advance, vacation planning suggests booking before you arrive. Guests can always check restaurants websites, call, or make reservations online. If a particular popular Maui restaurant does not accept reservations, we recommend reading their reviews online. Try popular restaurant review websites such as Yelp to learn about their most popular dining hours, so you can know exactly when you need to arrive to get a table in time!

Maui Vacation Planning Tip #3: Maui Spa Reservations

If you’ve been dreaming about experiencing an authentic Hawaiian massage, you’ll want to make an appointment ahead of time. There are very few things

 as relaxing as a Lomi-Lomi massage on the Magic Isle! Contact us for recommendations.

Maui Vacation Planning Tip #4: Maui Activities, Tours, Dinner Shows & Luau’s

Book your Maui activities, tours, dinner shows & luau’s ahead of time to guarantee yourself the best seats possible. All of the best Maui activities tend to sell-out fast! All activities booked through Maui Hawaii Vacations are “Reserve Now, Pay Later” Which means, you can get your name on the books now, and you don’t have to pay until you arrive! Related: Maui Outdoor Activities for the Adventurous Visitor

Maui Vacation Planning Tip #5: Maui Beach Rentals & Snorkeling Gear

Condo rentals do not always provide beach gear (chairs, boogie boards, snorkeling equipment, etc) Reserve your beach rentals & snorkeling gear ahead of time, to ensure quick & easy pick-up which leaves you more time for FUN! Our friends at The Snorkel Store offer excellent rates on Beach Rentals & Snorkeling Gear! Related: Why Maui Has the Best Snorkeling in Hawaii

Maui Vacation Planning Tip #6: Maui Cribs, Baby Supplies & Rollaway Beds

If you are traveling with younger children and are in need of cribs/baby supplies, or even rollaway beds, contact rental companies ahead of time to reserve. Rental companies will come to your condo and set it up for you! Don’t spend precious vacation time in your unit setting up a crib. Call and make arrangements ahead of time! Contact us for recommendations.

Vacation Planning Tip #7: Maui Babysitters, Nannies & Child Care

Plan ahead for your “grown-ups” night out on Maui! There are several credible Maui child care centers that specifically specialize in certified nanny services for families vacationing with children! Arrange for a nanny ahead of time. Contact us for recommendations.

Do Your Research– Know Before You Travel to Maui

Check Maui Event Calendars

There are a thousand and one exciting things to do and places to see on Maui, vacation planning is very important to make the most of your time on-island! Check Maui Event Calendars to see what is happening in Maui ahead of time, that way you can efficiently plan to make time to attend and enjoy our monthly events!

Print Coupons, Find Maui Discounts & Specials Ahead of Time

The best way to efficiently plan for your trip is to help yourself save money ahead of time. Do a little research, and find out what places are offering discounts & specials. Peruse websites like Groupon, Local Maui Newspapers or Advertisements and make the most of your spending money! Related: How to Get the Best Maui Deals

Hawaii Smoke Free

 Hawaii is a smoke free state. All of our condo rental properties are smoke free. However, if you are a smoker, there are designated smoking areas at some condo properties and outdoor areas. More information on Hawaii Smoke Free Here.

Vacation Planning 101 – Come Prepared– Little Things That are Often Overlooked

Maui BYOB Bring Your Own Bag

Due to Maui’s Plastic Reduction Ordinance, Maui markets, grocers and other stores no longer offer Plastic Bags at checkout. Guests are advised to either bring their own reusable bags, or purchase them on-site. Re-usable bags from Maui make great souvenirs! More Information on Maui Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance Here. If you have some at home, when vacation planning, it is best to pack a few in your carry-on luggage.

Capture Your Maui Vacation Without Interruption

Bring along or purchase a portable battery charger for your phone or camera! Stash a portable battery charger in your travel bag, and you won’t have to worry about having to return your condo to continually charge your phone or camera. With many photo opportunities at every moment, you will thank yourself for preparing ahead of time.

Secure Your Own Personal Tour Guide Using Maui Guide Phone Apps

Download Maui Guide apps to your phone. There are several downloadable Maui Tour Guides available! Many of them point out landmarks and destinations along the road, and even warn of upcoming stop signs and changes in traffic conditions. If you are planning on driving the famous Road to Hana, you can download a guided app right to your phone. Related: 10 Popular Places to Visit on Maui

 Maui Vacation Planning Suggests Shop First, Enjoy Later

Most Maui Condos have fully equipped kitchens, including all of your eating and cooking utensils. However, if you are planning on making meals in your vacation home, it is recommended to stop at the grocery store on the way to your condo before you check-in. There is Walmart, Costco and various other grocery stores where you can pick up your favorite foods, spices and condiments, etc. so you avoid having to drive around looking for grocery stores when it comes time to prepare your meals. Shopping at the beginning of your Maui vacation is also an ideal time to purchase sunscreen, and other sundries as well.


The most important vacation planning tip of all– Plan to have FUN! It’s time to relax. It is important to make preparations ahead of time, but the most important thing to remember is to make time for spontaneous experiences!

Check out our popular Maui Guide chock-full of useful Maui vacation planning information on making the most of your Maui vacation!


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