Maui View Types – Understanding Maui Vacation Rental "Views"

Maui View Types

A Guide to Understanding Maui Vacation Rental “Maui View” Types – In a Kukui Nut Shell!

Maui View of Couple enjoying a Maui morning in Kapalua.

Maui View Types: Here is an example filled guide to understanding Maui vacation rental view types.

Maui View type is a very important factor to consider when choosing your perfect Maui Hawaii vacation rental, or even a Maui hotel room. When booking your Maui rental it is important to understand the vast Maui view types. There are several key factors to consider, one of the most important that can make a world of difference to your Maui Hawaii vacation experience is your Maui view type. There are four basic view types to choose from at Maui condo resorts and hotels: Oceanfront, Beachfront, Ocean View and Island View. Please read ahead to learn the differences between the four, which can greatly help you select your dream vacation rental on Maui.

Maui View Example: Oceanfront

The most affordable way to be near and on the water in Maui.

Maui View types oceanfront condo- you will have a full view of the ocean from your unit. Please be advised that although an Oceanfront property is situated on the ocean, there may or may not be a swimmable beach out front. Oftentimes the beach out front may not be swimmable due to a seawall or coral reefs, and may only be suitable as a “walking” beach or grassy area where you can sunbathe oceanside. Ask your Maui Specialist what the area in front of the property is like. Most Oceanfront properties are very close walking to driving distance to swimming and snorkeling beaches!

Insider Tip: There are plenty of Oceanfront properties with Ground Floor condos where you can walk directly out from your lanai to dip your feet in the water!

Subcategories of Oceanfront Properties & Condos: Ground Floor Oceanfront, Oceanfront with Pool View, Direct Oceanfront, Prime Oceanfront, Deluxe oceanfront, OF

Maui View Photo Examples of Maui Oceanfront Property:

Maui View Example Beachfront

The most requested Maui view type of all.

Maui View type, Beachfront is a term used to describe a property situated on a sandy beach. You may have an “Ocean View” at a Beachfront property, however, there are condos available that are considered Beachfront as well. Meaning, if you are on the Ground Floor of a Beachfront property, you may be able to walk right out to the beach directly from your unit. If you book a Ground Floor condo at a Beachfront property, confirm with your Maui Specialist if you are able to walk directly out to the sandy beach from your unit.

Insider Tip: Beachfront properties are normally higher in price than condo properties that are situated across the street, or within short walking distance to swimming and snorkeling beaches.

Subcategories of Beachfront Properties & Condos: Ground Floor Beachfront, Penthouse Beachfront, Prime Beachfront, BF,

Photo Maui View Examples of Beachfront Property & View:

Maui View Example Ocean View

A view of the magnificent Maui sea!

Ocean View means you will be able to view the ocean from your condo, however, it will not be completely unobstructed. You can have an Ocean View from your unit, even though the actual condo property is not situated on the Ocean side (across the street) You can also have an Ocean View at an Oceanfront or Beachfront property.

Insider Tip: When booking at a property with Ocean Views, oftentimes if you book a unit on a higher floor you may have a better view of the ocean.

Subcategories of Ocean View Properties & Condos: Partial Ocean View, Ocean View with Pool View, Ocean View with Resort View, Ocean View with Courtyard View, Partial Ocean View, Peek-a-boo Ocean View.

Maui View Photo Examples of Ocean View:

Maui View Example Island View

A view of anything but the ocean.

Island View, Mountain View, Garden View, Scenic View and Resort View are often interchangeable. If you book a condo with an Island View, Mountain View, Garden View or Resort View, it means you will not be able to view the ocean from your unit. Your view may be overlooking the property courtyard, gardens, etc. Insider Tip: In general Island View, Mountain View, Garden View and Resort View condo units are sometimes more affordable. The general rule of thumb is: better view equals higher rate. You can almost always expect to pay more for an ocean view. 

Subcategories of Island View Properties & Condos: Resort View, Mountain View, Garden View, Value View, City View, Courtyard View, Pool View, Scenic View

Photo Examples of Island View, Mountain View or Resort View:

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